Writing is hard work.  Good writing requires a directed story line and fascinating character development, written with descriptive words to convey lofty thoughts.  It takes time, sitting still, to think, type, edit, revise, and reread, and you may never feel fully satisfied with the latest draft.  It also takes humility to share your work with others and accept their criticism and praise.

My mother was a great influence on my writing.  As a student, I used her old school papers as a model of form, and I think she proofread my school work.  While I am a proponent of reading great work to influence good writing, I think proper conversation and speaking at home leaves an impression as well.  When homeschooling my daughters, occasionally we would use curriculum from Institute for Excellence in Writing, and I highly recommend the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style seminar. The best writing curriculum we used was Cover Story where my daughters and I each wrote and published our own magazines!

I have made a choice to write fiction for the purpose of glorifying God.  The world is a noisy place, with so many spoken and written words and images bombarding us.  If I am going to contribute to the noise, I want my words to add beauty and value, and there is nothing more beautiful or valuable than knowing and worshiping God.  It is a challenge for me to be quiet.  It is a challenge for me to guard my words.  It is a challenge to study God’s Word and get the truth right.  I pray that whenever someone reads my written words, they would forget me and my ideas, and only see the glory of God and His Word that became flesh and dwelt among us, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.


So far, I have posted a few blogs about writing: Defining Moments, Looking for a Hero?, Tell Me A (Good) Story, The Elephant Idiom, and Elephant in the Room.

Do you have a personal story about the hard work of writing? What motivates you to write? What kind of noise are you making?


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