Only 2 Steps to Writing An Entire Book in 30 Days

Do you have the desire to write a book?  Surveys say that most people do.  Do you have ideas and stories floating around in your head that you want to share with the world?  I did, and I finally took the time to write a book.  Then another one.  So far, I have written two books – Christian fiction novels over 50,000 words each – by writing for 30 days in the month of November.  There are really only two steps to writing an entire book in 30 days:

KH_vintage writing

  1. Sit down at your word processing device of choice (typewriter, PC, Mac, laptop, phone) and don’t get up until you complete #2.
  2. Write 500 words three times a day for 30 days.  (That’s about one scene or one typed double-spaced page and should take about 30 minutes.)

That’s it!  Now that you have seen the giant project of writing an entire book broken down into small pieces of 500 words, do you think you can do it?  Would you like a few more tips and some personal encouragement, too?  Here are some things to think about before and after your writing month.

  • Before your 30-day writing sprint, think and plan.  Do research about your topic, find help creating an outline or story framework, schedule your writing time, and get encouragement from friends.
  • I highly recommend joining NaNoWriMo, a free on-line writing support group with an encouraging program every November.
  • Please note that there was no editing during the writing process, purposely avoided to keep you moving forward in your production.
  • Once you’ve finished your first draft, walk away from your book project for a while (maybe a week, a month, or in my case last time, until July).  Then curl up in a comfortable chair and read.  Feel free to give yourself a pat on the back.  Share it with family and friends.
  • After that, if you feel you have created something with potential, begin the editing process in earnest.
  • If your first book is not fabulous, just set it in a place of honor on your bookshelf and start thinking about your next effort.

Did you notice that another November is just around the calendar corner?  Guess what I’m planning to do again?  That’s right – I want to write another book.  Let me know if you want to join me!  Then sit down and write.


2 thoughts on “Only 2 Steps to Writing An Entire Book in 30 Days

  1. Hi Kristen, I’m Judy P’s sister and met you at the women’s Bible study at Grace Community Church. Your words to me that day were very encouraging. I’m looking forward to following your blog and to begin writing my book 🙂


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