Sunday School

I have been teaching Sunday School for thirteen years.  I have a regular class of 4-year-olds every Sunday, where we use the Bible curriculum Generations of Grace.  For many years, I was also involved with a Wednesday night AWANA ministry serving over 150 pre-schoolers  I enjoyed this pre-school stage with my own children because these were years of tremendous physical and mental growth, even while they maintained their childlike wonder and faith.  I have had opportunities to teach older students as well, but my focus is to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of these little ones.

BV Psalm 34 11 hands up

It is a challenge to take the deep truths of the Word of God, to study and understand them for myself before breaking them down for a little child’s mind.  If teaching the Bible to children is your calling, too, then I hope we can encourage one another to pursue excellence in this endeavor.  I am encouraged by Jesus’s words from Luke 18:16, where He tells His disciples, Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Whether you are just beginning to teach your own children about God, Jesus and the Bible, or you are a seasoned veteran of children’s ministry, you might enjoy the creative writing magazine I put together a few years ago for Sunday School teachers, called Teacher.  (It is now available for purchase through using the button on the sidebar.)

I have also released an on-line Bible Study for Sunday School Teachers, a 30-day study of James 3, which is available for free on my dedicated website

On this website, you might want to check out some posts relating to teaching children in Sunday School, including:

Be ready to share the gospel with children by reviewing The Gospel HERE.  Need a song of encouragement?  Listen to Track #11 “Listen to Me” from Seeds of Purpose Volume 4.

What is your favorite thing about teaching Sunday School?  What’s your favorite gospel song for children?


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