Ray Comfort Writes (Some) Fiction

Ray Comfort is best-known as a Christian evangelist who not only creatively and enthusiastically preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he can, but he also teaches and equips other believers to do the same.  His ministry, Living Waters, provides a variety of resources:  movies and training videos such as The Way of The Master evangelism series; helpful books and “The Evidence Bible”; and a wide variety of gospel tracts that are fun to use.  But did you know that Ray has penned a few fiction novels?

I stumbled across these little gems a few years ago when I was ordering gospel tracts.  After shopping for what I needed, I added these two books to my order: “The Mystery,” a historical novel set in Nazi Germany, and “Jake’s Fortune,” set in the Wild West.  While not masterpieces of literature, they were enjoyable reads with interesting characters and surprising plot lines.

The best thing about these novels is how some characters present the gospel of Jesus Christ and other characters respond in realistic conversations.  I also noticed how difficult sin issues were addressed in this genre.  I kept these examples in my mind, and when the day came (years later) for me to attempt to write a book, I made it a priority to include at least one gospel presentation in my stories.  I’m pleased to say that my first published novel, “Elephant in the Room,” includes two gospel presentations.

newsboy John 3 16

This week, while shopping for “The Evidence Bible” for my daughter, I added two more of his books to my library: the novelization of his movie “Audacity,” and Ray’s memoirs about being nicknamed “Banana Man” which opened amazing doors for the gospel.  This month as I am researching and preparing to write my third novel, I have been reminded to take the opportunity to share the gospel in my writing.

Thank you, Ray Comfort, for all of your writing, fiction and non-fiction, quick tracts and extensive training materials.  You have taught me and given me tools to evangelize in real life.  And you inspired me to share the gospel in a different medium – writing a Christian fiction novel.


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