Bible Verse Art

I hope you enjoy these artistic settings of my favorite Top Ten Bible Verses about Food and Eating.  There are others posted throughout my website.  Feel free to share them with friends or save on your electronic device as wallpaper.  Feel free to download this document My Top 10 Favorite Bible Verses about Foo and Eating, print it on cardstock, then cut the cards and post the Bible verses around your house to read and memorize.

BV John 6 25 bread and coffee


BV Proverbs 23 20-21 rags

BV Hebrews 13 9 heart

BV 1 Corinthians 6 12-13

BV Numbers 11 4-6 food board

BV 1 Tim 6 6-8 content

BV Genesis 1 29 apple

BV Job 23 12 treasure

BV Deut 8 3 bread

BV 1 Cor 10 31 clouds


8 thoughts on “Bible Verse Art

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