Reading & Writing

In this section of my website, I want to engage you in a dialogue about reading, writing, and homeschooling so that I can learn more about these areas from you and also share what I’ve already learned in my experience.  For all three, I have been greatly influenced by God’s wisdom from the Bible and the godly examples in my life, both in personal relationships and discipleship through books and curriculum.  While on the surface, they may seem like mere academic pursuits, I have discovered that each provides opportunities for spiritual application and growth.

Reading, Writing, and Homeschooling have separate pages for each topic.  In the blog post I’ll Read Your Book, I describe what I like to read and offer to read the manuscript you wrote!  Follow me through the writing adventures of publishing my first book Elephant in the Room.  My first post about homeschooling is These Are a Few of My Favorite (Homeschooling) Things!




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