Elephant in the Room

There’s an elephant in the room… and in the church.  Gluttony: the sin of eating too much food, and eating for the wrong reason.  The natural consequences of social embarrassment, health problems, and obesity plague many families these days but no one wants to talk about the underlying respectable sin.  When pastor Eric Harvey’s family faces a crisis, Eric turns to the Bible for perspective and answers.  What he learns launches his family and his church on a ten-week challenge full of laughter and tears, prayers and sweat, and even coffee and homemade pastries.  Some members react with anger, some with doubt, others with enthusiasm – like Nick Saint, their very own professional Santa.  Hearts and lives are changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and by true repentance.  Some people will lose weight, too.

Read more about my first book, Elephant in the Room, on this website, including some endorsements.  This book will be available for purchase SOON through Dove Christian Publishers.

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