ElephantCoverEncouraging words about Elephant in the Room

“This fantastic book moves beyond health guidelines and tips on will-power to compassionately address the forgotten sin of gluttony.  With humility and kindness, it outlines the process of recognizing the sin of gluttony in our lives, confessing it biblically, and relying on the power of Christ to overcome.  I don’t lightly recommend a Christian novel on sin issues, but this is so much more.  It confronts many of our cultural preconceptions that blind us to gluttony.  My favorite character is Nick Saint, a Christian and professional Santa Claus, who struggles with the perception that he should look “jiggly!” Overall: a great book that I couldn’t finish reading without prayer and repentance.”  – Corrie Garrett, author of the Alien Cadet trilogy

“As I began reading I found myself saying this is nuts, I don’t agree with this book at all, but I will continue reading to see where it goes.  The more I read, the more that was explained, the more I understood and agreed with the sin of gluttony.  Yes, it is fiction, yes, it does have suspense, but there are many truths to be found as you read Elephant in the Room.  Kristen Harper is an excellent writer who has written a book that, while entertaining me, made me discuss it, think about it, and even change the way I had been eating.  Congratulations on your 5-star review!” – Trudi LoPreto, Readers’ Favorite Book Review

“This is an important topic for the local church as it exposes one of the respectable sins that believers can be prone to coddle.  The setting and conflicts have a “real world” tone to them.  I think it is important to delve into these areas and understand the role of the Holy Spirit in all such matters of Christian testimony and sanctification.  The encouragement toward Biblical counseling is great and well done.  This will be a hard message for most people to apply for the reasons the book illustrates – people have their own excuses and habits.”    – Bryan McKinney, Director, International Outreach, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“What Elephant in the Room does is gently rebuke those of us who have ever turned a blind eye to sinful issues simply out of inconvenience, and remind us of our greater responsibility to “stimulate one another on to love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24b).  Yet, the greatest beauty of the book illustrates that the journey of repentance doesn’t have to resemble overcoming a herculean obstacle alone.  The greatest victories are won not with the harshest criticisms, but humbly accepting the support of those faithful men and women around us.  Because even Santa Claus needs a little help now and then!” – Grace Kim, former high school English teacher and current homeschooling mother of four

“In Elephant in the Room, Kristen accurately identifies obesity as not just a physical problem, but one that is rooted in the heart.  The subject of gluttony is handled with sensitivity and practical Biblical application, and readers will find it as instructive as it is encouraging.  It is refreshing to see such an important topic brought to the forefront.”Liana Hofer, Marketing Coordinator, Children’s Hunger Fund

“Wow! I really enjoyed the book!  It’s spiritually challenging for a seasoned believer but clear and accessible to the newest, baby Christian.  You touched on so many issues.  I’m encouraged, inspired, and happy to promote your book wholeheartedly!” – Angela deMoura, former mentor for The Lord’s Table, Mary Kay consultant

“Even as a child, our daughter Kristen would find humor in the most serious circumstances.  Her active imagination coupled with her intelligent curiosity often left us wondering just what went on in her fertile young mind.  This book exemplifies that.  Now, as a mature Christian lady, Kristen identifies a tough issue that is seldom discussed as sin.  She eschews the temptation we all have to criticize and judge, but in her narrative develops her theme in a way that lovingly opens a path to a closer walk with God.”  – Stephen and Judie Henry, parents of the author




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