I have chosen to write about Thanksgiving because it is my favorite holiday.  It seems that Thanksgiving is being ignored or overlooked between the build up to Halloween scare and the chaos of Christmas shopping.  But I appreciate the opportunity to stop the regular daily routine to purposefully give thanks where thanks is due.

BV Psalm 106 1 give thanks

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A Thanksgiving feast begins and ends my first Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”  I wrote that book in the thirty days of November 2015 during which time I celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving.  My third book (for which I wrote the first draft in November 2017) introduces a few more Thanksgiving traditions to consider.

Reflecting on this holiday and considering God’s instructions for His people to give thanks, I have written several blog posts about Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks:

Throughout the Bible, God tells His people to give thanks.  I’ve gathered some of those Bible verses into this free document:  CLICK HERE for 31 Days of Thanks.  I recommend that you print the pages on stiff cardstock paper, then cut them into rectangular cards.  You can post a new one on your refrigerator each morning, punch holes to keep them together on a ring, or use a placecard holder to display them in an eye-catching place.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  How do you practice giving thanks all year round?  What are your favorite Bible verses about giving thanks?