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I am a Christian, a wife, a mom, a Sunday School teacher, a home school administrator, and the author of the Christian fiction novel, "Elephant in the Room." I host two websites: KristenHarperBooks.wordpress.com and SundaySchoolTeacherBibleStudy.wordpress.com

30-Day Challenge to Count Your Blessings

Are you taking the 30-day food challenge to Count Your Carbs in May?  Read an update about our first week at the end of this post.

Maybe a food challenge is not what you need right now, but do you want to try to make other life changes using the 30-day challenge method?  This month, I’ll suggest a few other challenges, starting today with something to improve your attitude, fight temptation and sin, and enhance your relationships. Continue reading


Ready? Set? Go for the Food Challenge!

Tomorrow is May 1 – the first day of our 30-day food challenge to Count Your Carbs in May!  Are you ready to make changes in your eating habits and physical fitness?  Is your motivation set by the inspiration of truth from God’s Word?  Do you have everything you need to get going tomorrow?  Here are some resources to help you start and finish the food challenge. Continue reading

You’re Invited…to get Motivated for the Food Challenge!

Last week, I invited you to make plans to take my 30-day food challenge to Count Your Carbs in May.  Do you need some motivation to keep an account of the food you eat and to make changes in your eating habits and physical fitness?  Here are Three Things That Will Motivate You to Take The Challenge.
Continue reading

A Beautiful Remedy for Anxiety

After my blog post last week about fighting anxiety, I was given an inspiring opportunity to cast my gaze on a magnificent field of California poppies!  I hope these pictures and Bible verses will remind you of God’s glorious provision so that you stop worrying and start singing and praising the Lord! Continue reading

When Thoughts Become Anxiety

In order to deal with life issues and solve problems, we think about them.  Ponder the situation.  Research the options.  Seek counsel from others.  At what point do our reasoning thoughts become unreasonable worry and sinful anxiety?  Look for these four signs that your thoughts have turned into anxiety.  And look to God’s Word for weapons to battle anxiety successfully. Continue reading

You Are The Man!

Sometimes when we just don’t get it – when we can’t see our own sin problem, – we need a story that pricks our conscience.  The best example is the prophet Nathan’s simple tale about a little lamb. Continue reading

Defining Moments

Many years ago while visiting my friend, I observed her reading a storybook to her 4-year-old son.  During the story, Kaleb asked his mom what one of the words meant.  She stopped reading, thought for a moment, then told him a very basic definition using words and ideas that the little boy already understood.

Years later, when I began defining words for my own children and students, I realized how challenging it is to explain big words to little people. Continue reading