Research: What Does God Say about Food?

Part of the process of planning and making resolutions – and keeping them – is to formulate options.  Today, we are going to do some research by looking through the Bible to see what God says about food, eating and gluttony so that we can formulate reasonable ideas to make changes in our eating habits. Continue reading


Motivate Your 30-Day Resolution

Today we kick off a 30-day food challenge!  Will you join me?  Read on for motivation and helpful resources to make and keep new eating habits. Continue reading

Keep Your Resolution

Have you already forgotten all of your New Year’s resolutions because you didn’t write them down?  Or maybe you’ve already given up after a few weeks because you’ve blown your good intentions and returned to your bad habits.  Don’t give up yet!  I’ve made one more short video in this series about making and keeping your resolutions. Continue reading

Motivate Your Resolution

Next week we will kick of our May 30-day food challenge!  Here’s some food for thought – before you make any resolutions, think about what will motivate you to keep them. Continue reading

Don’t Make That Resolution…Yet

ElephantCoverSince publishing my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” and writing about the issue of gluttony on my website, I recognize that many people think about making New Year’s resolutions to change their eating habits and improve their physical fitness.  In January, I made a short video with a few good reasons why you should NOT make those resolutions at the beginning of the year.  Wait! Continue reading

What is a Food Tightwad? (part 2)

You are invited to join me, beginning on May 1, for a 30-day food challenge!

Today, let’s review the definition of a Food Tightwad with three tips on how to be one.  Then we will make the connection between money management and practicing self-control with food. Continue reading

What is a Food Tightwad? (part 1)

Inspiring you to join me in my 30-day food challenge starting on May 1!

In this article, let’s start to make the connection between managing money and managing food. Continue reading

How We’ve Hosted a Home Bible Study for 16 Years

The first person we met 23 years ago in the huge worship center of our new church invited us to his adult fellowship group on Sunday mornings, then invited us to his regional Bible study on Friday nights.  We have attended that Bible study all these years, and over 16 years ago, we offered to host the group in our home.  We feel blessed to serve the body of Christ in this way. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Q22-Q24

Good morning, friend!  Here are the next three questions of my Bible study, “Let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room – Gluttony.”  Each Saturday, I post three questions that correspond with three chapters from my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”  Grab your Bible and a notebook and let’s go. Continue reading