Creating Bible Verse Art

Do you like to see your favorite Bible verses set into beautiful pictures? Continue reading


How To Eat A Cookie to the Glory of God

After posting a picture of milk and cookies with the Bible verse about eating and drinking to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), friends commented that the cookies distracted them from their contemplation of the Bible verse. Continue reading

You’re a Real Character, Joanna!

I’m heading off to Texas for a wedding this weekend.  Two real-live people are getting married!  I have to admit that I used their names for two characters in my next Christian fiction novel, but I did not write about their real romance.  That was purely by God’s design! Continue reading

Let’s Walk!

How are you doing on the 30-day challenge to Count Your Carbs in May?  I hope you are motivated to endure to the end.  If you are keeping a food log, then you can evaluate how you are eating and where you need to make changes.  Now that I have controlled my portion sizes and have adjusted my attitude by meditating on wisdom from the Bible, I recognize that I need to exercise more.  So let’s formulate a plan to make exercise a regular habit. Continue reading

Ray Comfort Writes (Some) Fiction

Ray Comfort is best-known as a Christian evangelist who not only creatively and enthusiastically preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as he can, but he also teaches and equips other believers to do the same.  His ministry, Living Waters, provides a variety of resources:  movies and training videos such as The Way of The Master evangelism series; helpful books and “The Evidence Bible”; and a wide variety of gospel tracts that are fun to use.  But did you know that Ray has penned a few fiction novels? Continue reading