Motivate Your Resolution

Next week we will kick of our May 30-day food challenge!  Here’s some food for thought – before you make any resolutions, think about what will motivate you to keep them. Continue reading


What is a Food Tightwad? (part 2)

You are invited to join me, beginning on May 1, for a 30-day food challenge!

Today, let’s review the definition of a Food Tightwad with three tips on how to be one.  Then we will make the connection between money management and practicing self-control with food. Continue reading

What is a Food Tightwad? (part 1)

Inspiring you to join me in my 30-day food challenge starting on May 1!

In this article, let’s start to make the connection between managing money and managing food. Continue reading

Plan for Thanksgiving – Feast Your Mind on the Bible

Are you already planning your Thanksgiving feast?  Do you have your grocery list itemized?  Have you sent out invitations to family and friends? Here’s a quick list to remind you to spend time with God, filling your soul with the wisdom from His Word, so that you are ready to minister to the family and friends you spend time with over the holiday season. Continue reading