Let’s Talk Q19-Q21

Welcome to the seventh week of my new Bible study, “Let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room – Gluttony.”  Just two more weeks to go!  Each Saturday, I post three questions that correspond with three chapters from my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”  Grab your Bible and a notebook and let’s get started for the day.

Lets Talk elephant

Remember that you can click on any Bible verse reference in this Bible study to access the text on BibleGateway.com.  Feel free to download and enjoy any of the Bible Verse Art featured throughout the “Let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room – Gluttony” Bible study.

Chapter 19, Bible Study Question 19

In Chapter 19 of my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” Pastor Eric and Nick talk about snacking when they were anxious.  Do you ever worry?  Most Christians are familiar with the Bible verse that tells us not to worry.  In your notebook, write out Philippians 4:6-7.

To better understand what it means to worry or be anxious, use a Bible dictionary or the Tools on BlueLetterBible.org to study and take notes about the meaning of worry.

Did you notice that anxiety is self-centered, focused on your own personal interests.  Philippians tells us that we can combat the pride of anxiety by directing our focus to God.  Go back to the Philippians Bible verses your wrote in your notebook, circle what we should be doing instead of worrying, and notice how they direct our focus to God.

Now circle, highlight and put stars around everything in Philippians 4:7 that describes God’s peace.  That’s the kind of peace I want!  The next time you are tempted to eat when you are worried, guard your mouth with Philippians 4:6-7 and get busy praying with thanksgiving and supplication so that God’s peace will guard your heart and mind from worry.  Philippians 4:6-7 is another great Bible verse to post on your refrigerator or as a screensaver on your phone or computer as a daily reminder.

BV Phil 4 6-7 heart

Bonus Challenge:  Jesus said in Luke 12:25, “And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span?” Next time you start to worry and think about eating for comfort, try spending the next hour in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. How will God’s peace impact the rest of your day?

Chapter 20, Bible Study Question 20

You will need your copy of my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” for this question:  Who do you think is the character in Chapter 20?  Have you experienced similar circumstances in your own life?  Just like this chapter, our tears of misery and guilt can be turned into tears of repentance.  Write out the following verses about confession, repentance and forgiveness.

BV 1 John 1 9 stencil

Chapter 21, Bible Study Question 21

In Chapter 21 of “Elephant in the Room,” Hannah and her mother talk about ways to help the poor.  There are poor people mentioned throughout the Bible.  Let’s focus our study today on two things God teaches us in Scripture about how we are to treat poor people: with justice and generosity.  Look up these Bible verses and take notes in your notebook.

Give justice to the poor:

Be generous:

Now that you know how you should think and act towards the poor, prepare yourself to give justice and be generous.  Give justice by smiling and greeting strangers with dignity like they were friends.  Be generous and give from your resources.  You could put together a bag of non-perishable items to have ready to give away when you see a need like the Harvey family did.  For helpful instructions and a video I made about preparing gift bags, please check out my article on How to Make a Gift Bag for the Needy.


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