50 Things I Thank God For

Today is my 50th birthday!  Since I’ve been blogging about gratitude this month, I’ve taken the challenge to write a list (in no particular order) of 50 Things I Thank God For!

1. salvation; 2. the Bible; 3. my husband Ross; 4. my daughters; 5. my parents; 6. my in-laws; 7. my sister and her family; 8. my La-Z-Boy recliner; 9. Diet Coke; 10. chocolate; 11. computers; 12. my bed; 13. my house; 14. music; 15. my church congregation; 16. my church building and resources; 17. my pastor John MacArthur; 18. my church elders; 19. so many Bible teachers; 20. close friends in my Friday night home Bible study; 21. old and new friends in my women’s Bible study; 22. Martha and Sandra in Sunday School; 23. the older students who help in Sunday School; 24. times of health and times of illness; 25. friends who say words of encouragement and words of exhortation; 26. my publisher, Louis Jones, at Dove Christian Publishing; 27. my writing buddies: Corrie, Lynn and Ladonna; 28. my editor, Angie Zachary; 29. homeschooling families from my old PSP group; 30. homeschooling organizations like CHEA of California and Home School Legal Defense Association; 31. curriculum writers like Steve Demme, Linda Lacour Hobar and Daniel Schwabauer; 32. weather that displays God’s goodness, majesty and power; 33. difficult experiences that God used to sanctify me; 34. readers like you; 35. good restaurants; 36. good books; 37. funny occasions; 38. car accidents; 39. travel experiences; 40. swimming pools; 41. glasses and contact lenses; 42. sleep at night and naps; 43. forgiveness; 44. people who love me and tell me so; 45. paper; 46. plastic zipper baggies and containers; 47. my minivan; 48. post-it notes; 49. voting opportunities; 50. jury duty.

thank you sign

If you read the list, thanks for indulging me.  Did you find yourself on my list?  I thank God for you!  What about you?  What are you thankful for? What 50 things will you thank God for today?


2 thoughts on “50 Things I Thank God For

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