Celebrating the Anniversary of my Book!

September 1 marked the first anniversary of the release of my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”

Thank You!  I would like to thank my publisher, Louis Jones, from Dove Christian Publishers for turning my manuscript into a real book.  I would like to thank my early readers and editors as well as everyone who has purchased and read my book, too.  I appreciate the help from wise counselors to jump into the publishing and marketing world.  I’m so thankful that God reveals His wisdom in the Bible that we can read, understand, and apply to our lives.  It is my joy to share God’s wisdom in story form with you!

Book Launch collage friends

My book is a compelling story about what happens after pastor Eric Harvey’s parents are trapped in a car accident because they are obese, as Eric turns to the Bible for perspective about gluttony, the sin of eating too much food or eating for the wrong reasons.  What he learns launches his family and his church on a ten-week challenge full of laughter and tears, prayers and sweat, and even coffee and homemade pastries.  Some members react with anger, some with doubt, others with enthusiasm – like Nick Saint, their very own professional Santa.  Hearts and lives are changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and by true repentance.  Some people will lose weight, too.

Book Launch collage work

I have identified Three Groups of People who should Read This Book:

  1. Men who eat – This story is written from the perspective of a pastor who ministers to his family and congregation while avoiding focusing on diets or weight loss goals.
  2. Women who eat – We are bombarded by the world’s perspective of beauty, but truth from the Bible provides real hope and encouragement, and a novel is a gentler way to open up the conversation about overeating.
  3. Teenagers who may or may not eat – This book will provoke you to think and apply wisdom as you develop your own eating habits.  And besides, maybe you should take a break from your busy school schedule to read a good book.

OK.  This book might not be for everybody, but I still want to encourage you to read my book.  My Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” is now available for purchase in print or e-book format from Dove Christian Publishers and on Amazon!

If you have read my book, I would love to hear from you!  Please add your Comments below.  Thank you!


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