The Value of a College Education

Value – the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; one’s judgment of what is important in life; the monetary worth of something.  Let’s consider five valuable opportunities of a college education.

Last week, our daughter presented us with the current projected cost of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree from The Master’s University online (see the actual document here).  The day after that, I read the saddest article about a 30-year old man lamenting the financial ruin of his family who tried to pay the exorbitant student loans in the past and sharing his hope of finally paying off his debt by 2032. (Click here to read the article.)  At the heart of this issue is financial mismanagement, but ignorance, foolishness, and pretentious peer pressure play parts in this tragic story that is all too common.

My husband and I went to college; in fact, that’s where we met, so I have fond memories of the experience.  But as you can tell, we are not sending our children to traditional college institutions.  While we still regard the importance of higher education, we don’t think it’s wise to send young adults off on their own for the four-plus-year college experience to be bombarded by anti-Christian worldviews at the average price of…well, look at the charts for yourself from the College Board website, which often results in debilitating debt.

And yet, we still see the value of a college education.  As I consider the important and useful take-aways from my higher education that have lingered long after the classroom instruction, I have identified Five Valuable Opportunities of a College Education:

  1. The opportunity to form good habits and become a lifelong learner.
  2. The opportunity to dig deeper into subjects you have been broadly exposed to before.
  3. The opportunity to pursue your interests and specialize in order to become an expert.
  4. The opportunity to act like an adult, making choices, suffering consequences or enjoying the benefits.
  5. The opportunity to consider the meaning of real life, developing discernment between good and evil in order to find truth and purpose.

BV Proverbs 23 23 buy wisdom

We live in a wonderful age of information and technology, so these valuable opportunities are not limited to the traditional college student; they can be pursued while studying for a degree on-line, through a trade school, or even on the job or in daily living.  Consider all the options.  And look for wisdom where wisdom can be found – in the Bible.

For more information about college financial planning, I recommend this great article on Dave Ramsey’s website: Pay for College Without Student Loans.

What’s missing from my list of opportunities?  What are some take-aways from your college experience?  Or what do you expect to gain from pursuing higher education?  Please share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below.


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