Gratitude at the Milestone

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who helped me to reach an important milestone in my homeschooling career – graduating my first student!

There are so many people who have helped me over the past thirteen years.  I’m going to group them into three categories in hopes that I don’t forget anyone.  Thank you for your encouragement, your practical advice, and for providing the right tools to help me get my job done so that my student could reach this milestone.

thank you sign

Encouragement:  I’m so thankful to God for my friend Michele who first showed me what homeschooling was all about.  I’m thankful that my husband Ross encouraged me to pursue this endeavor for our family, and gave me support and direction every step of the way.  Having a local and active PSP group full of like-minded friends was great encouragement in the early years.

Practical Advice:  I thank God to live in a country where homeschooling is still legal, thanks to the pioneers of the modern homeschooling movement, embodied in groups like the Home School Legal Defense Association, Family Protection Ministries, and Christian Home Educators Association of California.  I’m thankful to many conference speakers, writers and teachers for their practical advice.

Tools:  I’m not sure where to put them, so I’ll put my two cheerful students in this category – I thank God for you every day!  The most important tool in my homeschooling career was my Bible; God’s wisdom guided me as a mother, teacher and administrator.  My favorite curriculum is listed in my blog post These Are a Few of My Favorite (Homeschooling) Things!

BV 1 Thess 5 16-18 mountain praise

I have a few more years of homeschooling to go with my second student.  I pray that God will sustain me with His love and His Word, and give me more wonderful friends to encourage me, provide practical advice, and share the best tools in the next season of my life.


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