Let’s Talk Q10-Q12

We’ve made it to the fourth week of the Bible study, “Let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room – Gluttony.”  Each Saturday from February 3 to March 31, I will post three questions that correspond with three chapters from my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”  Grab your Bible and notebook and let’s get started.

Lets Talk elephant

Chapter 10, Bible Study Question 10

In Chapter 10 of my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” we are introduced to the concept of mortifying sin and the eight personal evaluation questions.  Hopefully you have already become familiar with this concept by downloading your free copy of my Mortifying Sin worksheet.

The word “mortify” is used in the King James Version of Romans 8:13 (KJV) and Colossians 3:5 (KJV).  I have chosen to use this word because of its serious and severe tone that captures the attitude I need to deal drastically with my sin.

The dictionary gives a few definitions for the word “mortify.”  The first one refers only to feelings of shame, when the word is commonly used as an exclamation when we feel shocked or offended, but not actually ashamed and remorseful.  The better definition for our purposes means to subjugate the mind or body in order to overcome the desire to sin and to strengthen the will.

Write out and take notes in your notebook about these Bible verses, either in the King James Version or your preferred translation, and consider using a study tool such as BlueLetterBible.org to get a better understanding.

Are you ready to do battle with sin? Then pick up your sword, which is the Word of God, read it and obey it!  Please feel free to use the Mortifying Sin worksheet to help you prepare for your personal battle with sin.

Chapter 11, Bible Study Question 11

In Chapter 11 of “Elephant in the Room,” Pastor Eric developed his ten-point accountability program based on Colossians 1:9-12After writing this Scripture passage in your notebook, mark the Bible phrases from which Eric extracts the following ten points.  (Please note that the author took creative liberties with “walk” and “fruit” to create weekly activities for the program.)

  1. praying for each other
  2. studying God’s Word
  3. walking
  4. pleasing God
  5. a fruit activity
  6. good works/service project
  7. study God’s Word more
  8. strength training exercises
  9. steadfastness and patience
  10. joyously giving thanks

Using the same ten-point list, brainstorm your own activities that you could do for each of these points as you put off gluttony and put on righteousness.

Chapter 12, Bible Study Question 12

The group begins exercising in Chapter 12.  Let’s consider what the Bible says about exercise.  Read and take notes from these two passages as they relate to exercising the body:

Take some time to learn about proper exercising.  What types of exercise and how much do you need each day to build strength and stamina, improve flexibility, and burn calories to lose weight?  What can you start doing right now, for free, in your own home or neighborhood?  The best exercise is the one that you actually do, so find something you like and do it!  I personally like to walk in my neighborhood and work out with Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVDs.

In the Comment section below, please share your brainstorm ideas about accountability program activities or your favorite way to exercise.


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