Let’s Talk Q7-Q9

This is the third week of the Bible study, “Let’s Talk about the Elephant in the Room – Gluttony.”  Each Saturday, I will post three questions that correspond with three chapters from my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”  Got your Bible and notebook?  Let’s dig in to our Bible study!

Lets Talk elephant

Chapter 7, Bible Study Question 7

In Chapter 7 of my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” Eric begins his sermon by reading Psalm 32, a prayer of confession written by King David.  He connects this prayer to the issue at hand – gluttony, eating too much and eating for the wrong reasons – and calls his congregation to repentance.

Please take a few minutes to read and meditate on Psalm 32 before looking up these key Bible verses about repenting, gluttony, making plans, and glorifying God in everything that we do.

If you recognize that you have a sin problem in the area of gluttony, once again I would recommend my Mortifying Sin worksheet that you can use to start identifying and confessing your sins before searching God’s Word for the wisdom and strength to make lasting changes in your life.  Some of these Bible verses are featured on my webpage of Bible Verse Art.

Book Recommendation: “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges

Chapter 8, Bible Study Question 8

Chapter 8 of “Elephant in the Room” starts with a list of defensive reactions to the sermon about gluttony.  Have you ever heard a sermon preached about what the Bible says about gluttony?  How might you respond if your pastor explained that eating too much or eating for the wrong reasons was sin and called for repentance?

Take a look at the list of responses from Chapter 8.  While some of these thoughts and words contain partial truth, most of them are deceptive and false, self-centered and prideful.  Look up the Bible verses and take notes in your notebook about the underlying sinful motivations behind these defensive reactions.

  • “We shouldn’t be talking about this at church.” – 2 Timothy 4:2-5
  • “I am so offended by this personal attack.” – Psalm 51:4
  • “Eating is not a sin.” – 1 Corinthians 6:13
  • “Doesn’t the pastor care how bad I feel about my weight?” – Proverbs 3:11-12; Hebrews 12:11
  • “I would change my weight if I could, but I can’t.” – 2 Peter 1:3
  • “I’m proud of my big body, and I don’t care what anyone else says.” – James 4:6
  • “God doesn’t want me to seek after glamour or vanity.” – Proverbs 31:30
  • “How I eat is none of his business.” – 1 Peter 5:2-5
  • “Just because I’m overweight does not mean that I have a sin problem.” – Romans 3:23
  • “There’s nothing wrong with me just because I’m big.” – Colossians 3:25
  • “God loves me just the way I am, so why is this pastor picking on me?” – Romans 8:28-29

Rather than try to justify or defend our sinful behavior, God calls us to repentance.  If you are ready to confess that you struggle with the sin problem of gluttony, write a short prayer of confession here. Then bask in God’s forgiveness and hope as you begin to put off sinful habits and put on righteousness!

Chapter 9, Bible Study Question 9

In Chapter 9 of “Elephant in the Room,” Elizabeth shares the gospel with her friend Karen.  Let’s spend some time considering the gospel.  Part of the gospel is the bad news that we are sinners separated from a holy God who deserve eternal punishment.  Take notes from these Bible verses about the terrible trouble we are in.

  1. Exodus 20:1-17
  2. Psalm 51:4
  3. Matthew 5:48
  4. Romans 3:23
  5. Romans 6:23

BV Romans 6 23 gift

If we don’t understand the bad news, then we won’t appreciate the good news.  People who don’t know they’re in danger won’t appreciate the heroes that rescue them.

Now it’s your turn. What is the gospel? Write your own summary of the good news and be sure to include your favorite Bible verses in your notebook.  One of my favorites is John 3:16.  Here is another Gospel presentation.

Chapter 9 Bonus: Do you have a faithful friend like Elizabeth whom you can partner with, to talk about your blessings, and to hold each other accountable in fighting temptation and sin?  If not, pray for God to help you identify the person you should ask to meet this need.  If you have this faithful accountability friend, take a few minutes to thank God for her and send her a note of encouragement today!  If it is your dear husband, give him an extra hug tonight!  Give a shout-out to your accountability partner in the Comment section below!


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