Book Club Question #4

With Christmas coming in a few weeks, it’s good to talk about this now: What do you do about Santa Claus?


#4 – Santa Claus

  • Do you think children can understand the difference between a pretend character (like Spider-Man or Santa Claus) and a real historical person (like Jesus or George Washington)?
  • How can you teach children to discern between fact and fiction?
  • Do you think it is important to tell children the truth?

What to do about Santa Claus was an issue my husband and I thought about years ago when our daughters were very young.  Some of the conclusions we reached after studying the Bible are revealed in my book, “Elephant in the Room.”  I admit, I was surprised that a professional Santa Claus appeared in my novel, but it was quite an inspiring turn of events for me as a writer.

You can read more about the character from my book in this post: Meet Nick Saint.  If you would like to read more about talking to your children about Santa Claus, then you might want to read Let’s Talk about Santa Claus.

How have you handled this topic with your children?  If you made mistakes, how did you clean it up and reveal the truth?  What Bible verses have challenged and encouraged you to talk about Santa Claus?  How do you focus the attention on God and Jesus for Christmas?  Please comment below.

This was the last of the Ten Book Club Discussion Questions.  CLICK HERE if you would like a free download copy of the Book Club Discussion Questions..  In a few weeks, I will share a few ideas about activities you can do if you host a Book Club to discuss “Elephant in the Room.”


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