Book Club Question #9

Who is it?  To be able to answer this question, you need to have read my Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room.”

#9 Who Is It?

  • Who do you think is the character who overeats in Chapter 20?
  • Do you think it is the same character who is tempted in Chapter 23?

Is it Leonard Douglas, the retired Marine who has trouble sleeping, or his wife, Beverly, who likes to cook and keep the refrigerator full?  Is it Stephany Goodacre, who might have binged in the past, but who is strengthened by God’s Word to put off sin when tempted again?  Is it Karen or Elizabeth, who are young Christians just learning what it means to put off sin and put on righteousness?  Or is it Giselle, who is angry about Pastor Eric Harvey’s sermon about gluttony?  Or do these chapters remind you of something you have done in the middle of the night?

open frig

  • Bonus Question:  What’s different about the experience and response in Chapter 20 and the experience and response in Chapter 23?

Do you want my perspective as the author?  I’ll share my answer in the comment section below on Monday, November 6.  I would like to see your comments and ideas, so please reply to this blog post.  Thank you.



3 thoughts on “Book Club Question #9

  1. I am at the edge of my seat for this one! I didn’t consider every character you mentioned, however. It really could have been anyone, couldn’t it? And it can be any of us too. Of course this drives me to remember what Jesus said in Mathew 26:41 (and Mark 4:38) “Watch and pray, lest you enter into tempatation…” I am not sure who the character is, but in my mind, it can’t be someone with children in the house, haha.


  2. Even though I am the author of the book, I cannot give you the name of the character in Chapter 20 who binged because I did not have only one in mind. While it could have been any of the characters, I wanted this scene to reflect a temptation that all of us face. Sometimes we fall into sin, as in Chapter 20, but we can cry out for forgiveness. When we draw near to God, we can resist temptation and rejoice, as in Chapter 23. So I hope you saw yourself in these chapters. Seek forgiveness when you sin and rejoice in every victory over temptation!


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