Book Club Question #7

The word “mortify” is rich in history and meaning.  It comes from the Latin root for death and is associated with gangrene and necrosis.  I think the modern use of the term to express embarrassment is too dismissive.  The definition we will discuss today in our Book Club describes the action of putting sin to death.

#7 – Mortifying Sin

  • Do some research and write out a definition of mortifying sin.
  • Copy the list of eight evaluation questions from Chapter 10 of my book, “Elephant in the Room,” or CLICK HERE to download a free copy of the Mortifying Sin Worksheet.
  • Would you be willing to try working through the evaluation questions the next time you are struggling with temptation or sin?

You can read about some examples of mortifying sin throughout my book.  These are based on some of my personal experiences with gluttony – eating too much food and eating for the wrong reasons.  I also use the Mortifying Sin Worksheet to evaluate my thoughts, words, and deeds pertaining to any area of sin that I am struggling with.

BV Eph 4 22-24 lay off put on

Please let me know if you are struggling with temptation and sin but you’re willing to try mortifying sin with the help of your Bible and this worksheet.  Pray to God for forgiveness when you fail, and praise God for every victory!


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