Book Club Question #5

Today’s Book Club Discussion Question is the hot topic of my Christian fiction novel “Elephant in the Room”:  gluttony.

#5 – Gluttony

  • Write out a definition of gluttony.
  • Do you agree with my definition that gluttony is eating too much food or eating for the wrong reason?
  • Discuss some examples of gluttonous habits from the book or your own life.
  • Do you agree with my position in the book that gluttony is a sin?
  • Do you understand the remedy for sin, both permanently through salvation and temporally through sanctification?

Does reading, writing and talking about gluttony make you uncomfortable?  We cringe because we know it’s a real problem, but it’s such a personal one.  Talking about it will help us to clearly identify our heart issues before looking for an effective remedy.

BV 1 John 1 9 stencil

Please contribute your favorite Bible verses to help us identify and deal with this important issue.  By commenting below, you will join the discussion on gluttony.  Thank you.


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