The Duty of Moderation

This recent blogpost by Tim Challies addresses the elephant in the room, gluttony, and also takes a look at the sinful attitudes motivating picky eaters.

Here’s an excerpt from his article:

Food is a good gift of God that is truly pleasurable. It is a joy to eat and a joy to experience our favorite tastes. But without the virtue of moderation, eating can quickly tip into the vice of gluttony. The glutton makes an idol of food by overindulging. Because he feels he cannot be satisfied with little, he eats too much. This sin is endemic to the Western world where, by some measures, two out of every three adults is obese. Yet immoderation can also come on the opposite side when we are too picky in what we eat, when we eat only to fuel our bodies, when we refuse to enjoy what God has declared good. Just as many people look for joy in eating too much, many others look for joy in eating too little.

Please CLICK HERE to read the entire post, “The Duty of Moderation,” by Tim Challies.



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