Book Club Question #10

Yes, I’m starting our Book Club with question #10.  I’m thankful for several opportunities to write about the gospel in my novel to characters who thought they were good people.  I hope this group of questions challenges us to examine ourselves and consider what we really need the most.

#10 Bad News/Good News:

  • Do you think you’re a good person?
  • Are you good enough to deserve heaven?
  • Review the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20:1-17.  Based on God’s standards, are you innocent or guilty of sin?
  • Review Romans 6:23 to remember what you deserve.  What is the gift that God offers?  How can you receive this gift?
  • Have you received it already?  If not, do you want this gift?  Pray right now to accept it!

BV Romans 6 23 gift

For more information about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, please read the Bible, and check out this other post about The Gospel.  If anyone would like to summarize the gospel here, please comment to this post and get the truth out to the world!  Please share some of your answers to the Book Club Discussion Question #10.


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