Countdown to Book Launch

We are just days away from the publication of my first Christian fiction novel, “Elephant in the Room,” a compelling story about a difficult topic: gluttony.  In last week’s video, I told you why I wrote a novel to encourage others who struggle with bad eating habits.  I shared with you about my struggles and success.  And I gave you My Favorite Top 10 Bible Verses about Food and Eating to encourage you in your battle with eating too much food and eating for the wrong reasons.

In today’s short video, I will:

  • tell you how I wrote a 50,000-word novel in 30 days and introduce you to my writing buddy who has done it, too;
  • offer another free gift to help you change your bad eating habits by studying the Bible;
  • plus, I’m ready to make a big announcement, the date of the release of my book, “Elephant in the Room,” published by Dove Christian Publishers.


ElephantCoverDid you catch that date?  My first book “Elephant in the Room” will be available from Dove Christian Publishers on Friday, September 1st!

If you would like a free copy of the document I mentioned in the video, then please click on MyMortifyingSinWorksheet to get your copy to download right now.  Please leave your comments and questions below about my book release, the video, gluttony or your plans to write a novel in November, too!


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