These Are a Few of My Favorite (Homeschooling) Things!

Here is a list of things that I really enjoyed using over our homeschooling career.  When making curriculum choices, you should consider what will work for your own family, including the budget, daily schedules, books and computer preferences, the teaching styles of the parents and the learning styles of each student.  There are lots of homeschooling resources out there, so be discerning.


EnglishTeach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons; Rod and Staff pre-school, grammar and comprehension textbooks; the Sonlight reading list; Literature textbooks from most Christian publishers for variety; Institute for Excellence in Writing; Cover Story writing curriculum.

MathMath-U-See for all grades, including their Stewardship course; Times Tales to learn math facts in a fast and fun way.

History and Social StudiesMy Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum; The Mystery of History; Abeka History texts for junior high and high school.

ScienceApologia Science for only one intense year in junior high; Abeka Biology; Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 from Westfield Studios.

Spanish with La Clase Divertida.

Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home exercise DVDs for Physical Education.

Our Bible time always centered around reading and studying the Bible directly.  In another post, I will write some suggestions of things parents can do with their children at a variety of ages for family Bible time and school credit.

I also have experience designing and teaching classes for co-op groups including Spanish, California History, Geography, Art, Literature and Physical Education.  But that’s for another post, too.

What curriculum have you loved using?  Why?  Be sure to send a link so others can check out your recommendations.


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